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Sherrie Clark - ACT Student Outreach Grant
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Aubrey Gray, ’17, Washington State University Theriogenology student chapter president, presents Dr. Sherrie Clark with an appreciation plaque and basket of souvenir items after Dr. Clark spoke to the students on April 16, 2015 on swine reproduction. The Student chapter received a grant from the Theriogenology Foundation which enabled them to bring Dr. Clark to speak.

2015 ACT Student Outreach Grant 

Sherrie Clark, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACT visited Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine (WSU-CVM) on April 16, 2015. Dr. Clark is an associate professor at Virginia-Maryland’s College of Veterinary Medicine and specializes in swine reproduction. A large number of students expressed an interest in expanding on the limited exposure to swine reproduction received during training at WSU-CVM and Dr. Clark graciously agreed to lecture and discuss important aspects of swine reproduction in practice.

On April 16th Dr. Clark provided two lectures to students within the veterinary curriculum, including members of the Student Chapter of the Society for Theriogenology. During the noon lecture Dr. Clark emphasized swine production medicine through a case-based discussion. During the evening lecture Dr. Clark provided an overview of swine reproduction including boar handling, semen collection, artificial insemination, and advanced reproductive technologies. She included information regarding miniature pigs and reviewed common case management of reproductive medicine and surgery for these increasingly popular companion animals. During Dr. Clark’s visit she attended clinical cases with the comparative theriogenology service at WSU-CVM, received a tour of the hospital, and interacted with students.

Student attendees of the lectures and the comparative theriogenology section are appreciative of the opportunity to hear Dr. Clark speak. Everyone would like to thank the Theriogenology Foundation Board for providing the opportunity to have Dr. Clark visit and provided valuable knowledge and insight regarding swine reproduction in both production and companion pigs that would not have otherwise been available.

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