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Student Externship - Jennifer Koziol 2013
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Student Externship - Jennifer Koziol 2013

During my three week externship at JEH Equine Reproduction Specialists (JEHERS) in Whitesboro, Texas, in March, I was extensively involved in everyday activities with Dr. Makloski. Most days would start by ultrasounding mares to determine where they were at in their cycle and allow us to pharmacologically manage their cycle. I would often then call in semen to be shipped for those mares ready to be bred. I collected 3-4 stallions every other day and either bred mares on farm or processed the semen for cool shipping. On several occasions outside studs were brought for collection.  Semen was also brought to us for freezing. I was allowed to place temporary catheters in foals and run plasma and I managed several foals with respiratory infections and sepsis of the joints. During my stay I actively participated in embryo flushing and transfer, management of the recipient herd and ICSI.  I also was involved in many other cases that presented to JEHERS such as impaction colic, torsion of the uterus, enucleation, several lacerations, dentals, vaccinations, coggins and health certificates.

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