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Pre-Proposal Guidelines
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Theriogenology Foundation
Pre-Proposal Guidelines

Deadline: February 15, 11:59 PM EST

The Theriogenology Foundation’s Research Grant Committee will review the pre-proposals in February, and investigators receiving invitations to submit full proposals will be contacted in March. Invited full proposals will be due April 15, and funding decisions will be made before June 30.

Pre-proposals should be designed to convince the reviewer that the applicant clearly understands the problem to be studied, has the expertise to conduct the study, has devised a logical scientific approach for the species to be studied and is proposing a study that is relevant to Theriogenology.

Pre-proposal format: The body of the pre-proposal cannot exceed one single-spaced page (including budget), with no less than 0.75 inch margins an no smaller than 11-point font (either Times, Times New Roman or Arial). References are limited to one single-spaced page and do not count against the above one-page limit (this will be page 2).

1. Title of pre-proposal (limited to 75 characters including spaces— Please DO NOT USE ALL CAPS) followed by Principal Investigators' name and affiliations.

2. If this pre-proposal is a resubmission of a previously unfunded proposal, type the word Resubmission: and attach the original review and a maximum one (single-spaced) page response (this does not count against the page limit) to the comments received from Theriogenology Foundations Research Grant committee.

3. Budget. Budget for the pre-proposal should include the total dollars requested and the estimated costs of major categories such as personnel, expendable supplies, animals, animal care, etc. A more detailed, itemized budged should be provided full proposal, should it be selected for submission.

4. Succinctly state the hypothesis and objectives of the study.

5. Briefly describe the importance of the proposed study, relevance to the Theriogenology foundations interests and how your approach will provide new information about the problem. Please reference any preliminary data, if applicable.

6. Succinctly describe the experimental design and proposed statistical methods to satisfy the listed objectives. Include references, but list them on a single-spaced second page.
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