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Congratulations to Theriogenology Foundation Board member Alan Kalter and Dr. Chris Lezotte on being named AKC 2016 Breeders of the Year at the National Championship in Orlando

Alan Kalter and Dr. Chris Lezotte were presented with the 2016 AKC Breeder of the Year award for their HappyLegs Bullmastiffs at the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin on Saturday, December 17, 2016. The annual award honors those breeders who have made an impact on their breed and dedicated their lives to improving the health, temperament and quality of purebred dogs.

Full article here from

Latest from the Theriogenology Foundation


The AKC and TF Announce 2016 Companion Animal Residencies


Residencies to be renewed and expanded to four major institutions.

New York, NY - The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry, the Theriogenology Foundation and the AKC Canine Health Foundation announce that the recently established American Kennel Club/Theriogenology Foundation Companion Animal Residencies in Theriogenology are being renewed and expanded to four universities in 2016.

Read the full press release here.

Hear what Career Excellence in Theriogenology award winner Dr. Ralph Brinster has to say about the AKC-TF Companion Animal residency in Theriogenology


View the American Kennel Club video to learn about the work the AKC and the Theriogenology Foundation are doing


AKC/TF Companion Animal Residents visit with Mr. Kalter


(Pictured left to right) Drs. Andrea Hesser, University of California - Davis, Carol Margolis, University of Pennsylvania and Natalie Fraser, Auburn University are shown with American Kennel Club chairman Mr. Alan Kalter while attending the 2014 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship on December 12, 2014, in Orlando, FL. These residents are the first three recipients chosen as part of the mutual relationship between the American Kennel Club and the Theriogenology Foundation to provide Companion Animal Residencies in Theriogenology at each of their schools.

Theriogenology Foundation Announces New Small Animal Residency Program Partnership with the American Kennel Club

The Theriogenology Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the American Kennel Club/Theriogenology Foundation Companion Animal Residency in Theriogenology at the University of California/Davis, Auburn University and University of Pennsylvania. These three residencies beginning in 2014, are supported by a generous grant from the AKC. These programs represent the starting point for a strong collaborative effort between our organizations. The programs will graduate veterinarians with special expertise in genetics, surgery and the clinical application of small animal reproductive medicine.    

Since 1884, the AKC has recognized that the pedigree is the best tool for improving canine health, temperament and working skills. Purpose-bred dogs such as those that help people with physical disabilities, detect explosives or engage in sporting events have traits that are genetically determined. The rapidly changing world of clinical theriogenology and genetic testing  has given dog breeders the tools to produce healthier litters and puppies with predictable aptitudes and temperaments. With this grant, the AKC acknowledges that keeping pace with the needs of their membership involves investing in the next generation of veterinary specialists.  

Read the press release from the University of California/Davis.

Read the press release from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Read the press release from Penn Vet.

TF introduces the SACO Alumni Challenge

The Theriogenology Foundation and The Society for Theriogenology recognize that our veterinary students represent the future of theriogenology. The Annual Therio Conference provides an excellent opportunity for veterinary students to expand their knowledge of theriogenology as well as time to meet and interact with diplomates, veterinarians and other students who share their interest in animal reproduction. With these facts in mind the TF has endeavored to financially support student travel to the conference. In the interest of furthering that support and giving alumni of each CVM the opportunity to support student travel from their alma mater, the TF has initiated "The Student Annual Conference Opportunity (SACO)- Alumni Challenge.” 

The challenge has been initiated with a $2,000 contribution from Dr. Kit Kampschmidt of The Oklahoma State University CVM. Alumni of each veterinary college are challenged to donate to the fund, designating their contributions to their alma mater, another school or schools of their choosing, or the general travel fund. Contributions will be placed in a separate category in TF’s Restricted Funds for this program, designated for students of each CVM. Twenty percent of each donation will be designated to the "general travel fund” to assist students from schools where alumni participation doesn’t rise to the challenge and meet the demand from their college. Students will apply annually to the TF for travel grants. Any unused funds will be carried over year to year.

This is an excellent opportunity for all veterinarians to show support for their alma mater, their school’s veterinary students and theriogenology. The challenge has been made, now you can respond by visiting the TF website at and clicking on the "Donate Now” button! Designate your contribution to the SACO and specify for which college the funds are designated, or that they may be added to the SACO general fund.

Oklahoma State University alumni Kit Kampschmidt leading the charge says "Go Pokes!” How do you respond???

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View the 2013 Therio Foundation Video

The video provides an overview of the work the Therio Foundation is doing and a special tribute to the 2013 David E. Bartlett Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theriogenology recipient, Dr. Michelle LeBlanc.


Foundation teams up with AABP on Trichomoniasis Grant

Recognizing the urgency for additional research on the role of the accessory sex organs in Tritrichomonas infection in the bull, the Foundation contributed over five thousand dollars to support a study submitted by Dr. Andrew Lovelady at Auburn University.



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