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Theriogenology Foundation Committees and Task Forces


The TF Finance Committee


    Dr. Walter Zent (Chair)

    Dr. Anita Migday

    Mr. Alan Kalter


 The Bartlett Award Committee 


    Dr. Ram Kasimanickam

    Dr. Sara Lyle

    Dr. Pete Sheerin

    Dr. Mike Thompson

    Dr. Tom Riddle


 The TF Fundraising Committee


    Drs. Carol McLeod and Mike Thompson (Co-Chairs)

 Dr. Jim Floyd

    Ms. Lowry Heussler

    Dr. Joann Randall

    Dr. Maria Schnobrich

    Dr. Will Schultz


The TF Planned Giving Committee

    Dr. Dwight Wolfe (Chair)

    Dr. Paul Mennick

    Dr. Mike Thompson

    Dr. Walter Zent


The TF Public Awareness/Education Initiatives

    Dr. David Matsas (Chair)

    Dr. Jim Floyd

 Mr. Alan Kalter

    Dr. Paul Mennick

    Dr. Will Schultz


The TF Granting Committee: Research & Student/Resident/New faculty Opportunities

    Dr. Steven Brinsko (Chair)

 Dr. Sherrie Clark

    Dr. Sara Lyle

    Dr. Jim Floyd (ad hoc)


The TF Strategic Planning Committee

   Dr. Mike Thompson (Chair)

   Dr. Sherrie Clark

   Mr. Alan Kalter

   Dr. Will Schultz


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