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Career Excellence Award
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The Theriogenology Foundation Presents Career Excellence in Theriogenology Award to Ralph L. Brinster VMD, PhD

In August of 2012, the Theriogenology Foundation was proud to honor Ralph L. Brinster VMD, PhD with the 2012 Career Excellence in Theriogenology Award for his contributions to the field of reproductive veterinary medicine. Dr. Brinster adds this award to his collection of at least 32 honors and achievements over the past five decades. In 2010, he became the first veterinarian to receive the National Medal of Science from the President of the United States.


Dr. Brinster's lifetime of research and discovery led to revolutionary advances in reproductive biology and genetics. His relentless work with embryonic culture systems, stem cells and transgenesis – the insertion of new genes into the germ line of a developing organism – has provided valuable insight into the origin and treatment of both animal and human diseases. The Theriogenology Foundation was formed in 2009 as a collaborative effort of the American College of Theriogenologists and the Society for Theriogenology. Dr. Brinster's continuing impact on the profession compliments the Theriogenology Foundation's dedication to research, education and support of future theriogenologists.

Hear what 2012 Career Excellence in Theriogenology award winner Dr. Ralph Brinster has to say about the AKC-TF Companion Animal residency in Theriogenology

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