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Bartlett Award Policy
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Bartlett Award Committee Structure and Operational Procedures

The Bartlett Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theriogenology is awarded annually by the Society for Theriogenology and the American College of Theriogenologists to recognize an outstanding individual who has made significant contributions to the discipline of Theriogenology. Criteria for eligibility are set by the combined boards of the Society and College.

I. The nominating committee for the Bartlett award consists of the following:

From the Society for Theriogenology

1. Immediate Past President (Committee Chair)
2. Next most recent Past President

From the American College of Theriogenologists

3. Immediate Past President
4. Next most recent Past President

From the Theriogenology Foundation

5. Past President

II. Nominations will be solicited from the membership of the two organizations following a call for nominations published in the journal Clinical Theriogenology after the annual meeting. An additional call for nominations will be sent to list serves maintained by the Society and College for their membership. The letter of nomination may come from any member in good standing of either organization and will require submission of at least one additional supportive letter from another member.

III. Following submission, nominee’s names will remain in the pool of candidates to be considered for three years (the year of nomination and the two successive years) without requirement for resubmission. Additional letters of support received in subsequent years will be added to those received with the original nomination.

i. At the end of the three years, the nominating member will be informed that the name will be removed from consideration unless re-nominated.
ii. Re-nomination letters may come from the original nominator or from any other member

IV. The committee will review all eligible nominees and make a recommendation to the combined boards of the Society and College.

a. Committee meetings can be in person, via teleconference or via email.
b. The recommendation will be approved or rejected by the combined boards.
c. Should the boards reject the recommendation, the committee will submit an alternate recommendation.
d. Two committee members (ACT and SFT Immediate Past President) serve on the combined boards. These committee members should be prepared to submit an alternate name at the meeting of the combined boards should the boards reject the initial recommendation.

 Bartlett Award Nomination Form

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