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ACT student outreach
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ACT Student Outreach

The ACT is seeking to promote awareness of the College and to encourage veterinary students to aspire to Diplomate status after graduation. As part of these goals, we have set up a Student Outreach Fund. The purpose of this fund is to facilitate travel and related expenses for non-local ACT Diplomates invited by student groups to visit and teach at veterinary schools. We hope that these visits will stimulate student enthusiasm for and interest in the College by broadening students' awareness of the many opportunities open to our Diplomates. This opportunity is open to all student groups. It is not required that the school has an active Student Chapter of the Society for Theriogenology. Each school must designate one student as its representative.  

Amount: The Theriogenology Foundation will pay up to $1000 in travel-related and/or associated speaking expenses per application for up to 5 invited Diplomates annually. Each student group can submit more than one application per year. However, in the event that more than 5 quality proposals are received, preference will be given to those student groups that have not yet received an award. Overview: Each student group is encouraged to submit one or more proposals outlining their plans for inviting a specific Diplomate to visit their Veterinary College. Invited Diplomates must not be affiliated with the student applicants' Veterinary College and must be an individual with whom the students would otherwise not have an interaction. The invited Diplomate should agree to provide education to the students. Education can be in the form of formal lectures, wet labs, round table discussions, etc. Topics can be of the students' and/or Diplomate's choosing but must in some way promote awareness of the discipline of theriogenology in general and, more specifically, should highlight one or more of the many varied advantages that Diplomate status carries.

Funds Available: 5 x $1,000 stipends will be available annually.

Recommended Procedure: Interested student groups first should identify a Diplomate that they would like to invite to their school. Your faculty advisor is likely to be an excellent resource in choosing the right person and in selecting a topic that is of interest to your group. The student representative then should contact the Diplomate to confirm his or her interest in the program. Once the Diplomate has agreed to the visit, an application should be completed by the student group and submitted to the Grant Committee of the Theriogenology Foundation.

Application Process:

1) Interested student groups should complete an application form available from the Theriogenology Foundation main office or from the website. In addition to information on the student group and the visiting Diplomate, the application must include a detailed description of the proposed program and a budget. If costs of Diplomate travel and/or other program expenses will exceed the $1,000 stipend, then the student group must provide additional information on how these expenses will be covered. Please note that funds will not be provided to cover food and beverage items for participating students but speaker's meals can be covered.
2) A letter of support from a representative of the Veterinary College must accompany the application. This letter must document that the Veterinary College supports the proposal and will allow use of its facilities if and as needed to support the program (e.g., lecture hall, hospital space, animals, etc.)

3) Indicate where, if grant monies are awarded, the check needs to made payable to - include specific name, address, city, state and zip. (ex. - Smith University, Student Chapter Fund, 1234 Main Street, City, ST, 11111)

Only those proposals deemed appropriate will be approved for funding. Award money must be spent within 10 months of notification that a proposal has been funded.
Deadlines for Application:

Applications are due October 1 and must be received by the Chair of the Theriogenology Foundation Grant Committee at least 90 days prior to the event . Additional required documents must be attached to the application. Members of the Grant Committee will review all proposals. Successful groups will be responsible for notifying the visiting Diplomate of the status of the application.

NOTE: If application and budget are approved, funds will be dispersed. However, the Theriogenology Foundation MUST receive copies of all receipts documenting expenditures within thirty (30) days of completion of program.


For additional information, please contact:

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