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Chun Kuen (Eric) Mak
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Eric Mak - Externship Grant Report 

This spring, I had an opportunity to complete a 5-week externship at Durango Equine Veterinary Clinic in Arizona owing to generous support of Theriogenology Foundation and their Student Externship Grant.

During this externship, I mainly worked with Dr. Kloppe for the aspects of equine reproduction including stallion semen evaluation, breeding, foaling, handling problem breeding mares, embryo transfer and etc. I observed the ultrasound examination for monitoring the growth of follicles, teasing, and artificial insemination. The doctor would perform uterine culture and cytology to check the soundness for breeding the mare.

Being able to witness the birthing event was really amazing! To ensure a smooth and successful delivery, every boarding pregnant mare was put on a foaling alarm monitor. With the aid of the monitor, doctors and I would be alerted when the mare’s water broke. Thus, we were able to monitor and assist in the birthing process if necessary.
We would milk the mare and tube the foal with colostrum if the foal failed to nurse in time. We also waited for the mare to pass the placenta and checked for anomalies. On the next day, the doctor would perform examination of newborn foal and mare including foal IgG test, dipping navel, and check whether the foal had passed the meconium. Sometimes the foal would be given plasma transfusion and enema, if needed.

Occasionally, we saw some cases which could be prevented with proper monitoring, like dystocia, retained placenta and etc. By seeing lots of reproduction cases during this five-week externship, it made me confirm that I would like to seek for further training in theriogenology and contribute to this field. Thank you again for the support of Theriogenology Foundation!

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